Woodfold accordion doors transform rooms and alter perceptions

Make any room a room with a view

Woodfold Residential, Commercial, and Acoustic doors and room dividers are beautiful additions to any space. And they will be for years to come, thanks to our durable hardware and carefully selected materials. Choose from hardwood veneer or Vinyl-Lam panel construction, then decide if you'd like your doors stained, painted, laminated, decorated with custom-print murals, or straight-up handsome, right out of the box. With so many options for closets, convention centers, retail sites, or wherever you need a door, we've got you covered.


Create space where you need it

Accent your home with a sophisticated hardwood finish or modern custom print on these space-saving doors. Single-sided Accordion doors glide quietly in closet installations, while double-sided doors are perfect for galley kitchens or family rooms.

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Add functionality to any size space

Reconfigure a convention hall to host several functions, muffle noise in a daycare center, or create on-the-fly conference rooms: Our doors meet the design challenges of dynamic work styles and multiple users, with strength, durability, and ease of operation.

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Safe and sound, attractively

Whether you want to invite off-hours window shopping, or discreetly close off a space, these security doors lock it up tight. The Visifold series features tough, see-through acrylic panels, while the Alumifold series' aluminum panels offers complete privacy.

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See no meeting, hear no meeting

What's the sound of one room clapping? Who knows, on the other side of an acoustic partition? Choose single-wall or dual-wall construction for moderate acoustic control to subdivide space in offices, restaurants, or assisted living centers.

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