Woodfold Custom Roll-up Doors

"We have installed our doors and want to tell you how happy we are with them. Thank you for your precise manufacturing and beautiful finish. I am proud to have them in the entry way and living area."

Sandra Lungeri

Woodfold Custom Roll-Up Doors: Beautiful, and All Business

Woodfold Roll-Up Doors are custom-crafted to fit virtually any commercial need – defining public and private areas in hotels and banks … securing bars and service areas in restaurants … serving as room separators in offices, schools and churches. Each Roll-Up Door is precision machined to exacting tolerances, with every piece edge sealed, flawlessly finished and then assembled with industrial-strength components for strength and durability. Choose manual, motorized or awning-crank operation; choose nearly any hardwood, choose any finish color. Whatever the project, whatever the preference, we’ve got you covered..

Woodfold custom solutions will help make your next project a true success.