Woodfold Custom Bookcase Doors

"We have installed our doors and want to tell you how happy we are with them. Thank you for your precise manufacturing and beautiful finish. I am proud to have them in the entry way and living area."

Sandra Lungeri

Woodfold Custom Bookcase Doors:
Residential Solutions

A unique and distinctive option for residences, lofts, efficiency units – anywhere where space is limited or privacy is important – our custom-crafted Bookcase Door System brings home double-duty functionality. Whether used to camouflage a closet, a wine cellar, a wall safe or a private retreat, it provides always-needed extra storage. Two fixed shelves center and bottom serve to reinforce the door’s integrity, while four adjustable shelves allow for quick customization. Available in a choice of hardwood veneers, either unfinished or finished in customized stains or paints, this great pretender features our exclusive steel hardware hinge system designed to assure strong, smooth, lasting operation.

Product Details

  • Available in custom widths from 36" to 66"
  • Constructed entirely from durable ¾" Furniture Grade plywood; that supports loads up to 500 pounds
  • Available in three hardwood veneers (Oak, Cherry and Maple), unfinished or finished in environmentally safe clear and customized stains and paints
  • Includes a valance matched to your chosen finish
  • Includes two fixed shelves at center and bottom, with four additional, quickly adjustable shelves
  • Offers superior strength due to a piano-hinge that runs the entire length of the bookcase
  • Assures incredible longevity and smooth operation thanks to a heavy-duty steel roller system with anti-binding block
  • Includes steel upper wall guide with multi-position pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Includes our exclusive steel hardware hinge system, adjustable for either left or right, two-position pivot
  • Provides ease of entry with a strong, low-profile, steel threshold